The Cambrian Explosion

by Stop. Motion.

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The Cambrian Explosion is the first half of Stop. Motion.'s debut demo EP. It was created with one mixer, two mics, and a small room.

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released May 14, 2013

Mickey Osthimer - Lead Guitar and Vocals, Keys, Mixing, The Artiste
Warner Brownfield - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, The Sophisticated One
Bridget Slone - Drums, Percussion, Vocals, The Excitement
Emma Kahn - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, The Cute One
James May - Keys/Sounds, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, The Mystique



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Stop. Motion. Ohio

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Track Name: Conversation Skills (demo)
I don't know what to say to you
when I see that smile and it gets me through
dealing with the things I know aren't true..
Can we kill the uncertainty?
I don't wanna wait anymore, you see
the sun is coming out, or maybe it's just me..

Is it just me?

What's there to lose when you've got a world to find,
to make the daydreams come alive?

I was told at the edge of my sleeves
that everything I know is make-believe
that everything I feel is only real to me..
Then what do you think, sir, when I say
that I told her she's mine just the other day
and she told me back she's here to stay..

Oh, she's here to stay..

What's there to lose when you've got a world to find,
to make the daydreams come alive?
What's there to fear when you're standing in the light
and all you gotta do is let go..

Just let go..
Track Name: Entertained (demo)
Please lead me on, I love being lied to
You're making my day, it's great to be tied to
each whim of your heart, so tear me apart,
it's not like I sense, it's not like I feel pain.
The smiles on our faces were fresh from our laughter,
I thought we'd go places, sad thing is after
all of this I find, the fact is that I,
I was just how you killed time..

But I'm glad that you smiled, and I'm glad you were entertained
Glad you threw me inside, twisted my mind
left me searching for shelter from the rain,
but you know it's coming on strong.
Was I wrong to assume I'd be happy with singing your song?

Please, tell me that you understand..
The source of my pain through chip and disdain's
not enough to sustain me, no you can't blame me
Just please, tell me you feel something,
something like I did, something like I do...

No, there's nothing you can do, there's nothing you can say
Go ahead, be my guest, play the victim, be depressed
it's all the same
I won't get fooled by the lack of honesty
With my conscience, power, will
while my heart is beating still, it's beating still..

Well I hope that you're done, and I hope that you're satisfied
hope that you understood how grateful I was
and you took it, took it to some other guy
but you know I don't mean you no pain
I'm just trying to somehow avoid you from playing this game

Please, just tell me why
did you find it amusing abusing me?
girl please you know that you twisted my mind
Please, tell me you feel something
tell me it's not done, that I'm not the only one...
Track Name: Oak Tree (demo)
How can you fly if you don't have wings?
You can always sing.
What's the point in finding love if love is easy to find?
Build a house out of sound and lose your mind.
Our freedoms are seen in a broken dream.
We go away not to be found.
There's plenty of time to fight.
Make it right, show your fear.

I don't know how you found me, but you've gone up and crowned me
King of all that's beat and battered, I don't know why you'd rather
sit under this great oak tree than fly up to the sky
and freeze with me..

I don't know your name anymore than mine...